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I'm doing stage lighting design, -directing and board operating for 25 years now. If you look at the names in my vita you'll find the usual collection.

Over the years I did mainly Stage- / Architectural- / Event- lighting.
Sometimes upper class touring (weekly moves and living in a single hotel room).
I'm able to do -and did- several other things on productions from time to time. These parts include sound, video, graphics, projection, content, stage management, assistant director and production.

See my vita pages for details and equipment. Basically the information is I'm doing live shows live on any desk that has flash buttons. Of course I'm able to program a theatre tracking show, too.

On a Strand Galaxy, a Scan Commander, a Hog2 or today on a grand MA 1 and 2. I invented an ArtNet patching system on the Mac.

My personal interests go in to automation, show control engineering and coding. I enjoy to develop individual effective and efficent show control systems using standard components like Macs with Midi Interfaces, USB to DMX Dongles (which I wrote drivers for), usb gpio/serial boards and handwritten software.

I have room temperature to colour, visitor counter to lighting cue or videostart.
Or time serial in (sports timing) into a 7 digit time display (dmx processing for dimmers which power lamps whose overall picture is a 7-segment display; to be exact). See Portfolio.

Since the millenium I started doing production. In 2004 I produced honoured a theatre play for stage and outdoor touring. The production work was honoured, not the play...

Autumn 2004 I started working for one of germanys bigger rental companies in the lobbyist enviornment of captial Berlin. The basic setup included digital TV/Stage control room equipment (Barco LED Wall, Medialon, Encore, Nexus, SoundWeb, CobraNet), fibre transport and so on.

Parallel I developed some graphics tools based on Mac OS' graphics facilities for doing screen content. The goal was to reproduce the alike feeling of a complex graphics foh (pcs, Encore, …) with one Mac and some inteligent cabeling.

The results include live content like rss feeds or slide show drop folder for the event photgrapher (via network). Another system is a ArtNet/Midi controlled Videoserver on a Mac. Most of these products do run flawlessly on a Mac mini as of 2004.

In 2006 and from time to time till today I do Mac system engineering and hardware monitoring for a theme park in Wolfsburg.

In stage lighting automation I offer various music titles for instant timecode shows. Which means that I can setup these shows to play from the Mac within a half day on an alternating venues' lighting installation. Which makes things like an opener with Light and Graphics a 3 digit rate overall.

This means industry style branded screen / led frame graphics also for a 3 digit rate.


Also I did some nice lighting designs and directings for bigger industrials and fedaral events (Germanies 2007 EU Presidency, G8 Summit, 50 years treaties of Rome) in supreme locations (e.g. Pergamonmuseum, DHM, Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt, Deutsche Telekom Berlin Representative Office). The counterpart were things like premiere parties for 007s 'Casino Royale' and 'A quantum solance', some loud and fast concerts and of course a bunch of Top40 bands.

In 2008 I obtained the title of master craftsman of stage crafts. This is the german Health & Safety degree.

Do not confuse this with Eventmanagers!
Eventmanagers aren't qualified to do the health & safety stuff - officially they're even not qualified to do seating plans.

There are only two degrees that qualify for h&s tasks in Germany: The master craftsman (Meister für Veranstaltungstechnik) and after one year practice the corresponding engineer (BA Theater- und Veranstaltungstechnik).

Today I offer my classic services in stage lighting and graphics.
Ongoing I offer several types of production planning, local administrations legal, safety and security duties, production management and the like.

With 2009 I also started doing Mac application development in Cocoa and UIKit - which means I also do iOS / UIKit.

I can be your local part in doing a production in Berlin, Germany and where ever you earn your money.

Please note that I do not offer equipment rentals since this competes against my rental company customers.
I gladly handle rentals as part of my production work - in your name and account. This neutrality implies mainly that I do not need to rent out my own warehouse, thus making me free to choose the effectivest and efficientest equipment for that particular task.

What I do sell is the graphics content, show control applications and installations in all ways (control software, interactive installation design and building) - besides my freelace work.
In tax terms (which makes no difference for you) I'm an artist - publishing copyright protected works or simply doing freelance positions.

There are some inhouse workshop courses I developed for apprentice education on stage lighting control and show automation.

Feel free to contact me via email or phone and I'll gladly inform you about what I can do for you about the local legal spices of your production.

Certified and expirienced.